Services (TAH)


Built on Trust

We offer the services of our in-house design staff and the appropriate consultants to facilitate the planning phase of the project.


All successful projects start with an understanding and analysis of the goals, budgets, and timeline. The preliminary planning and engineering work that goes into the pre-construction phrase creates clear expectations, establishes a realistic budget and timeline, and will help you understand your role in the project as well.


Our team has led some of the most complex design-build construction projects in the region and has established a solid reputation by exceeding expectations and prioritizing client-contractor collaboration at every step.


Pre-Engineered Buildings offer a variety of efficiencies versus conventional construction methods, while still enabling buildings to be constructed to the same specifications and similar architectural design parameters as conventional buildings. As a Butler Builder,® we work closely with the Butler® team to custom design a building system that meets your exact needs.


As a general contractor, we are responsible for day-to-day oversight at construction sites. This includes the management of vendors, trades, and communication of information to involved parties throughout the entirety of the building process. This oversight helps to ensure the success and safety of your project from start to finish.


Renovation projects come with their own unique challenges that demand an experienced team. We look at ways to minimize disruption during the pre-construction phase and consider safety, air quality, noise, and material flow before planning and scheduling your renovation project. We do what it takes to minimize disruption, inconvenience, and stress for you, your employees, and your customers during the renovation.


Our team understands the complexities of concrete structures. We have completed a full range of intricate projects each with their own unique challenges.


TAH Construction takes a design build approach with its Steel Fabrication and Erection Services — working with you to design, fabricate and erect the structure of your new or renovated facility. From planning to completion, TAH provides advanced solutions to complex and specialty jobs and delivers each job, exactly as promised.


TAH can transform your customized carpentry concept into reality. Our years of experience in the carpentry trade ranges from framing to cabinetry and everything in between.